8" x 8" Metal Access Panel

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Technical Specifications

Product Overview

8" x 8" Metal Access Panel

Size:8" x 8"

Simply 'The Fastest Access Panel in the US'

Gone are screws, bracings or glue!

Utilizing the unique 'FlipFix" fitting System, the panel grips firmly in place to any surround 8mm to 32mm thick.

Fitting Instructions

Using template provided position, mark and cut out your hole.
Insert product and tighten the FlipFix from the front until the bite is felt at the back.
Secure all devices, lock the door and walk away!

Manufacture Details

FlipFix is manufactured in the UK from 0.9mm Zintec Steel and consists of a hinged, fully removable metal door secured with a budget lock (plastic Tee Key provided) and a picture frame surround.
The panel is provided 'ready to fit' and finished with a PPC RAL 9010 (30% Gloss White) as standard. There is no requirement for additional painting on site.
The product shown is NON FIRE RATED and suitable for use in both walls and ceilings and available in a wide range of stock sizes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review