Copy of Invisible Glass Wiper Blades 30026 Clarity Silicone All-Weather Hybrid Wiper Blade - 26-Inches, 1 Pack

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Technical Specifications

Product Overview

Size:26 Inches
  • Universal Multi-Connector System Fits 98-Percent of Vehicles in Seconds
  • Hybrid Design and Technology Perfectly Contours to All Windshields
  • Features Aerodynamic Spoiler for Less Wind Lift and No Chatter
  • Silicone's Natural Hydrophobic Properties Repel Water for a Crystal Clear View
  • Withstands Extreme Heat, UV, Cold and Ice

Invisible Glass Wiper Blades 30020 Clarity Silicone All-Weather Hybrid Wiper Blade - 20-Inches, 1 Pack is designed to withstand extreme heat and UV rays. It will not crack, tear, dry out, or deteriorate from sun or UV exposure and will not lose shape or take a compression set in extreme heat. It is also resistant to extreme cold and ice. These blades remain flexible in temperatures as low as -80-Degrees F, and are able to resist ice and snow build-up so it will not freeze to the windshield. Silicone's natural hydrophobic properties repel water for a crystal clear view. All-weather silicone keeps your windshield clearer, longer.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review